Webinar recording: Transform Your IP Cameras into a Reliable, Secure, and High-Quality Video Streaming Solution


Higher education, healthcare, law enforcement, security—IP cameras are used for video and audio feeds of various live events as well as for 24/7 monitoring. Learn how Wowza Streaming Engine can power high-quality video streaming from your IP (network) cameras.

Webinar Recording
Duration: 50 minutes

Streaming IP cameras internally is relatively straightforward, but delivering a quality live stream outside your network can be a challenge. In this video find out how Intelligent Video Solutions uses high-quality Axis network cameras and powerful Wowza Streaming Engine media server technology to deliver professional video solutions and a seamless customer experience for sourcing, installing, and supporting IP video workflows.

You will learn the following:

  • How to connect your Axis network camera to Wowza Streaming Engine
  • How to control a camera's pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions, enabling wide area coverage and superior detail
  • Best practices in live-feed IP camera streaming and content protection
  • How to build multi-camera feeds and deliver them to your website


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ryan-jespersen2 Ryan Jespersen, Wowza Senior Manager of Product Marketing

Ryan Jespersen has more than 15 years in the video and multimedia industry, ranging from production to post-production and video streaming. In his current role as senior manager of technical marketing at Wowza Media Systems, Ryan drives the creation of the webinar series and training content. His goal is to educate customers about streaming and Wowza products, as well as how to deliver streaming media solutions easily and effectively. 

MarkCouglin Mark Coughlin, Axis Technical Trainer

Mark Coughlin is a technical trainer helping to advance Axis Academy as the leading learning center within the network video industry.

  • Utilizing 20+ years' experience training adults while obtaining industry certifications
  • Working with Axis Communications for the past 2 years, creating a stronger and diverse existence in the network surveillance area
  • Creating custom courseware and a wide range of exercises promoting Axis devices in several diverse markets
jsherman_HS-1 Justin Sherman, Intelligent Video Solutions VP, Business Development

Justin Sherman is a partner at Intelligent Video Solutions, where he brings over 10 years of video-specific technology experience and is responsible for the business development, marketing, and growth of the IVS global sales channel. Prior to joining IVS Justin was responsible for the national video solutions sales channel at PDS. He received his bachelor of business administration—information technology—from Marquette University.