Real-Time Video With WebRTC: The Next Generation of Live Streaming

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The need for lightning-fast streaming has never been greater. There are numerous protocols out there that can get you close, but nothing compares to the speed and flexibility of WebRTC.  

What is WebRTC? How can you use it? To answer all your questions, we’ve put together Real-Time Video With WebRTC: The Next Generation of Live Streaming. WebRTC-Cover-No-Shadow-1

Download it now to learn:  

  • The benefits of WebRTC and what makes it unique.
  • The history of how it came to be. 
  • An in-depth look into how it works and what various workflows can look like.  
  • Its limitations — and how to compensate for them. 

If you’re trying to create interactive streams or any other kind of broadcast that depends on sub-second latency, WebRTC is the glass-to-glass solution you're looking for. Check out the report to dive into anything and everything you could ever want to know about WebRTC. 

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