2021 Video Streaming Latency Report

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Low-latency video delivery has always been the holy grail of streaming. But the need to replicate real-life exchanges on a global scale has never been so crucial as it has in the past two years.

This report gathers data from more than 200 broadcasters across the globe, in industries ranging from media and entertainment to fitness, surveillance, and everything in between. We examine the impact global trends have had on the industry and the state of video streaming latency in 2021.

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  • The average broadcast delays that today’s content distributors are experiencing.
  • An overview of streaming protocol usage for ingest and delivery in 2021.
  • The top reasons why broadcasters are looking to drive latency down.
  • How emerging low-latency technologies compare in terms of adoption and usability.
  • Wowza’s newest solution for streaming real-time content to viral audiences.

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