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Stream Globally with No Contract

Add Wowza CDN delivery to your Wowza Streaming Engine deployment
1 free TB of data and 
no monthly fee for 12 months

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Easy Wowza software integration 
Use stream targets to push a stream from Wowza Streaming Engine
 to Wowza Streaming Cloud
CDN pricing as low as $0.04 per GB
Receive the best delivery ratesno contract or long-term commitment
Scale globally via Akamai
Deliver high-quality viewing experiences around the world 

Receive 1 Free TB of Usage per Month for 12 Months

Advantages of Wowza CDN pricing:

  • Pay for only what you use—no contract or lengthy commitment
  • Get 1 TB free each month
  • No regional surcharges

CDN usage is the amount of data sent to viewers over the network. Usage depends on the number of viewers, their bandwidth, and their screen sizes. 

Monthly volume Cost per GB
First 1,000 GB FREE 
Next 1,500 GB $0.085 
Next 7,500 GB  $0.077 
Next 10,000 GB  $0.069 
Next 20,000 GB  $0.062 
Next 30,000 GB  $0.055 
Next 30,000 GB  $0.049 
Additional Volume  Contact Us 

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Try Wowza CDN for free. This offer includes the following:
  • No monthly fee for the first 12 months
  • 1 free TB of network usage per month
  • Volume-based CDN pricing ($0.085 to $0.049 per GB)

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Volume discounts for additional usage will be applied automatically. After one year, the recurring monthly fee is $35. Cancel anytime. The Wowza CDN promotion is intended for CDN delivery for Wowza Streaming Engine customers on version 4.3 or later. 


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